Drone Service

Drone Service

Fly Service offers professional shooting and photo services with remotely piloted aircraft, in compliance with the ENAC regulations in force.

To date, the applications in which the use of the drone represents a concrete advantage are truly infinite: photography and cinema, security, mapping, precision agriculture, architectural surveys, public order, search and rescue.

The advantages

  • Price: producing professional videos has costs potentially accessible to all and can represent an important investment in terms of marketing for companies. Costs and times are reduced compared to those needed to use an helicopter.
  • Full HD quality: Drone videos offer the quality of a film production thanks to the possibility of using HD and 4K cameras.
  • Adaptability: The use of APR is applicable to multiple sectors (real estate market, event organization, tourism, sports, cinema, security, research etc …).
  • Versatility: Thanks to their compact size, drones are able to provide unique and interesting video angles, which are not accessible with the use of an aircraft with crew.
    Drones are able to fly practically anywhere.

Fly Service is able to achieve professional filming, using certified pilots, qualified to carry out basic and critical missions.
Our services include: Photo and video production, Surveys and mappings, Control activity and Research activity.

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